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Adramytteion Ancient City

You can visit the most important ancient city of the region and also known as “Old Edremit”.

Sahinler Village Mosque

You can visit Şahinler Village Mosque, which is estimated to have a historical origin of about 150 years.

Assos Ancient City

The history of the ancient city of Assos BC. It goes back to the 6th century. In time, the city turned to the sea and went down to the sea with terraces. After the settlement of the Ottomans, the settlement developed in the opposite direction and the village of Behramkale emerged. It is 1 hour away from our site.

Şahinderesi Canyon - Hasan Boğıldı - Sarıkız Hill

The lush nature, historical ruins, streams, waterfalls, coastal resorts on the slopes and the villages that offer accommodation are worth seeing on Kaz Mountain, which is the second place in the world where the oxygen rate in the air is the highest after the Swiss Alps. There are many day resorts and self-catering places available. It is in the national park.

Bergama Ancient City

In the city settlement called Acropolis, religious, official, social and commercial buildings are placed within a unique plan framework. Pergamon King Palaces are located on the hill, which has been inhabited since ancient times. Five cisterns and arsenal are also located on this hill. In the lower part of the buildings, there is the Temple of Athena. There is also the Library and the temple of Trajan. The altar of Zeus was carefully placed on the terrace below them. One of the steepest theaters in the world is located here. There is an influx of tourists from all over the world. It is 45 minutes away from our apart.

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Daily Mytilene Tour

You can visit Lesbos Island, which is located just across Ayvalık and has been a part of us for 500 years, on a daily or accommodation basis. In recent years, convenience has been provided in visa procedures. and a visa is not required for the green passport.

Devil's Table - Sunset - Ayvalık

Satan's table is like a round table. It is on the steep cliffs all around. Forget for a moment, ignore the casino there, the people watching nature ... You will think that the devils are really sitting around this table and meeting.


You can join safari tours with tour companies.


You can enjoy the fascinating views of Kazdağları.

Rahmi M.Koç Museum

Taksiyarhis Church is one of the symbols of Cunda Island. Located in the heart of the island, the church is one of the most visited places on the island. During your visit, you can relax in our café decorated with nautical objects and enjoy the nostalgia of Cunda while sipping your tea or coffee. October 1 - March 31 10:00 - 17:00 April 1 - September 30 10:00 - 19:00 Mondays are closed.

Sevim & Necdet H. Kent Library

The Library of Sevim and Necdet H. Kent, formerly known as the Agios Yannis Church, was still standing during the population exchange period and fell into ruin over the years due to neglect and indifference. The church, which is about to disappear completely, was restored with the efforts of our esteemed businessman, Mr. Rahmi M. Koç, to save these ancient artifacts and reopened its doors in accordance with the original on 07.08.2007. The library is open every day, except Monday, between 09:30 and 17:30. Entrance is free.


You will be able to taste the olive oils that make you feel the sharp olive smell and taste of the Aegean.


You can taste the delicious olive oil wrap of the Aegean region and take it to your home with packaging on your way.

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