Burhaniye Attractions

Adramytteion Ancient City: Adramytteion, the most important ancient city of the region and also known as “Old Edremit”, had to be invaded and fought frequently throughout history and was completely abandoned in 1090. As a result of the studies, it was revealed that almost all of the Ören and a large area around it were covered with the remains of the ancient city. Thereupon, a certain part of the Ören was declared a protected area. Rock Altars: The Rock Altars, which are frequently encountered in the region, especially at the foot of Madra Mountain in the south of Edremit Bay and in Burhaniye district, are different from the worship places of the Ancient Age. Rock Altars are the best examples of deified nature and fertility beliefs that have existed since the Polished Stone Age.

Şahinler Village Mosque: Şahinler Village Mosque, which is estimated to have a history of about 150 years; It has a special place in the Turkish-Islamic world. The mosque has an architecture that does not contain old calligraphy examples, but is different with its village cemetery and its decorated dome consisting of various nature frescoes. The building was restored by the Directorate of Foundations in 1993-94 under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and the Supreme Council of Monuments. Ruins: Ören, the most popular neighborhood of Burhaniye; It has clean sea, beach and green recreational facilities. It is located approximately 4 kilometers from the town center to the sea. The “Green Ruin” identity was officially recognized by enumerating and conserving centuries-old acorn trees in Ören by the Preservation Board of Cultural and Natural Heritage. Famous for its clean water and fine sand, Ören Beach has been registered with the Blue Flag, the "Seaworthiness Criterion" given by the European Environmental Education Foundation since 2000. Pelitköy: It is a seaside neighborhood located within 2 kilometers of the Izmir-Edremit highway to the south of Burhaniye. A very large part of the quarter is covered with olive groves. The Pelitköy Olive and Camel Wrestling Festival is celebrated every year in January-February in Pelitköy, which is famous for its olive oil that is certified as clean enough to drink. These celebrations have a history of about 200 years.

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